Racial Equality - Are all races really equal ?
Clarke K
2007-03-13 05:39:47 UTC
Alsations, Labradors and Yorkshire Terriers are all dogs as are Pit Bull Terriers but they all have different qualities eg. some are strong, some are intelligent some are aggressive.

Consequently they fulfil different roles eg. You might use a Labrador as a guide dog or a companion but you would not use a Pit Bull Terrier to mind your toddlers.

In the same way, Asians, Caucasions, Negroids and Orientals ( in ALPHABETICAL ORDER ) are all human beings. Is there any evidence that each of the forgoing have any prominent qualities or traits .

If yes, should they be typecast in specific roles.

NOTE - I am an ethnic minority ( second generation ) in the context of the UK.

Light touch paper and STAND BACK, me thinks !!! :):):):):):)
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2007-03-13 07:08:40 UTC
You are talking two different issues here.

Equality vs attributes.

Factors such as race, nationality, culture, and gene pools will have a direct effect on a person's attributes.

However, societal makeup will determine equality.

I am not familiar with England, however, in America I do not forsee an instance where there will ever be true equality. In fact, I believe that it is a basic element of the negative side of human nature that will prohibit true equality for existing anywhere on this planet.

People like control, and whether it be race, religion, nationality, weight, sexual orientation, etc., the majority will always seek to impose on the minority.

Sad, but unfortunately human history bears this out.
Kyle E
2007-03-13 07:23:52 UTC
This is an american point of view, and i am not VERY familiar with global standpoint on racism. But effectivly, the smaller of races being Caucasions, has the most power and influence across the world. In America and Europe they are the Majority. And of course those are the 2 most powerful nations, but soon China will be their and crushing my statement. Other countries that have tried to rise to power are usually crushed. Japan, Korea, Africa. Some were politically crushed like Japan, Korea was Financially crushed, and Africa was crushed by propaganda. Keeping those 3 countries that are incredibly diffrent from the Caucasion minority fighting to survive. (If you beleive Japan is not crushed, ask why they dont export goods, minus Sony/nintendo and their other ULTRA LARGE companies. So equality might be available for all but the Caucassions. This in turn can also be assumed that corporations are the true evildoers for race relations, but the owners of most major corporations are Caucassion, thus making that a paradox. We have created a world where wealth is most important. And one race dominates in that area. All other races can only be compared. But as far as Statistics are concerned, Black (non-african) people are the "Best" race. After 450 years of breeding the Average black person is 5% larger by muscle mass, has 2.5% higher learning rate, and "theoritically" more endurance, i cannot prove that one, it it just some doctors hypothesis. Yet they are ridiculed the most in America. Orientals in america are revered by most who witness them because of their integrity, and virtue. But that is a blind sterotype, seeing as their race probably does not effect their competence, as much as their culture. Living in the lowest Areas of america i have noticed also that race is a visual assignment in which people give others that are diffrent, BUT, it is effectivly a culture more than a racial aknowledgement. I'm slightly against the efforts the caucasions have made globally, so please be open minded about my "traits" of them. IMHO (no proof, kinda hard to find on the internet) I notice that Caucassions are very good at manipulation, and deception. But that is using information from history, and how this world came to be as it is. OK ready for some flamage, hope this helps.
Spare me your bull
2007-03-13 07:29:16 UTC
Your calling blacks "negroids" without keeping the system uniform and refering to whites as caucasoids and asians as mongoloids has given away the fact that you are prejudiced against blacks. Sorry, but that's pretty obvious.

Now, to answer your biased question, No human is equal to another. The thought is idealistic but untrue. Two whites aren't equal, just as two blacks aren't. If equality is based on identical intelligence, strength, morality, ambition, etc., no two humans are equal in this way. Race is obsolete. The real truth is that no two individuals, regardless of race, are equal. A black man might be weak in mathematics but strong in music composition, just as a white woman might be a hell of a linguist but not so good at science.

In the end, it is the individual, not the individual's race that should be considered when attempting to gauge superiority/inferiority. It is ludicrous to assume superiority based on race because the fact that there are individuals of a particular race that are, in fact, underachievers, proves this theory is asinine.

People need to stop worrying about race and worry about their own INDIVIDUAL superiority/inferiority.

As for typecast, that is sometimes inevitable. The fat guy will most likely be cast as the gentle giant and you'll probably never see an Asian serial killer. He will more than likely be white.
2007-03-13 06:17:27 UTC
It has long been unacceptable to acknowledge that there may be differences between different peoples. This is one of the areas where pc has got in the way. In Australian aboriginal peoples it has been discovered that the part of the brain which is concerned with visual memory is bigger than in other partsof the population. It is thought to be evidence of an evolutionary process as australian aboriginals, in the absence of a written language, use their visual memory to record landscapes and places where water, food etc is abundant.

And it is clear that there is an unusual concentration of amazingly fast runners who originate from the Rift Valley. But I am not aware of any outstanding black swimmers. So maybe some of us are more suited to some tasks than others.
Daniel R
2007-03-13 07:25:29 UTC
You are unfortunately already committing a fallacy when you divide humanity into four "races". This is a massive oversimplification. For example, where would you place Middle Eastern people, or Native Americans?

There is more genetic difference between any two black people from different areas of Africa, than there is between either of them and a white or Asian person. And skin colour itself is not a good predictor of any other characteristic - size, intelligence, strength, etc vary as much within races as they do between them.

Race, as we perceive it, is really a culturally-constructed phenomenon. I read a book recently where the author demonstrated this with a photo of George Bush, Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell, and Daniel arap Moi from Kenya - we think of Rice and Powell as "black" but their skin colour is much closer to Bush's than to arap Moi.

Biologists will tell you that there is only one race: the human race.
Marsha Mellow
2007-03-13 05:50:44 UTC
Negroids? Wow...I've never heard that before!

Well, lets see...I could name the stereotypes for every race you have mentioned...

I think we all have the possibility to be whatever we desire. Some people have more drive than others reap what you sow. Blacks have lots of different obstacles than whites. Latinos also have different obstacles than Asians...

we all have something that the other races don't have BUT what's more important is that we all have something that every other race has.

I don't think there is any "evidence" for prominent traits.

Very interesting question, though, thank you for that!
2016-12-02 03:28:45 UTC
Now for a round of refutation! a million) there is not any information that intelligence is specifically inborn both. wise human beings have a tendency to have wise little ones because they're raised like that. on the different hand, Paris Hilton's relatives is rattling wise. Is she? 2) IQ exams can degree some forms of intelligence. you may't shrink intelligence to being common sense puzzles. 3) particularly, this coincides with the wealthiness! possibly there's a link that folk raised in a unfavourable desolate community without money to purchase perfect textual content books in do not study as a lot as human beings raised in a rather thriving community, with a lot of money for sturdy textual content books? And with reference to the mind physician issue, then, as you've a lot less duty as a mechanic than as a mind physician, human beings will basically do low-duty jobs, because they're more beneficial accessible, a lot less taxing on you, and also you receives a fee a similar both way. that's humorous the way you say "in case you disagree with any of this, then please intricate with resources and information", once you your self have not sourced a unmarried issue, or given a unmarried information, except making use of weasel words like "that's clean that" and your 3 statements about intelligence are thoroughly unsourced besides.
2007-03-13 06:14:54 UTC
I really don't think there are many PEOPLE who are all that equal to each other, so why would whole races tend to be equal to each other.

I think there are some cultural differences that certain cultures may have, and those cultures may be more or less made up of certain races.

Is that an almost PC answer?
2007-03-13 07:26:45 UTC
Biologically we are all the same. However there is little or no equality when it comes to educational, health or employment opportunities. Just going to show that some are born more equal than others.
2007-03-13 07:04:28 UTC
Our greatest President, Abraham Lincoln, didn't think so, here's what he had to say:

"Negro equality! Fudge! ...I will say, then, that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races--that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which will ever forbid the two races living together in terms of social and political equality."
2007-03-13 05:44:01 UTC
I know exactly what you mean but it is not race specific.

Within a race there are of course people with different qualities.
2007-03-13 05:46:35 UTC






2007-03-13 05:51:30 UTC
Yes we are all equal in theory, but some minorities refuse to act as equal and therefore should be treated as lessers.
2007-03-13 07:07:15 UTC
No. Asians are inferior people. Especially the male ones. I cannot get a girlfriend cause im half-asian. It sucks. We are inferior.
2007-03-13 05:47:13 UTC
I think the White Man is boss. But I dont care.
2007-03-13 05:44:42 UTC
Good question like animals us humans have our faults.
2007-03-13 05:43:59 UTC
yes we are all equal, its just people dont want to accept that
2007-03-13 10:24:54 UTC
no. not in this world. thats what they tell YOU, but we know better....
michael b
2007-03-13 05:43:16 UTC
2007-03-13 05:51:17 UTC
Dunno. I'm a white lad, but was born in Coventry (which might be a drawback)
Our Man In Bananas
2007-03-13 06:19:44 UTC
we are all equal.

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